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Our Team

Our team of agents are ready to go to work. 


Brian Weinhold

Owner/Principal Broker

Real estate agents are often considered to be in the field of sales and that is usually equated with being influenced to buy. When your real estate professional takes an honest interest in your goals being met, helping you make educated decisions and genuinely caring about the outcome, that changes things. Your chosen professional is no longer a sales person and they becomes a trusted advisor.  Working together, you’ll benefit from my experience yet remain in complete charge of your decisions without experiencing pressure often equated with sales. 

Agents often get into the business for the wrong reasons. Real estate is less about the wood and windows than it is about the people residing within it. I recognize that everybody has a story and a ‘why’. I pride myself in serving that question.

A little about me personally….

My family is my motivation! My beautiful wife and I have 3 wonderful kids. Ok, maybe I’m biased but if I didn’t feel that way, wouldn’t I be doing it wrong? Cailee, Luke and Alec are my greatest accomplishments and my world is truly enhanced by them. They really are my fuel. 

During the winter, wrestling is the primary sport of choice in our household and I am all in, coaching kids at the West Albany Mat Club. In a word, my motivation is- Improvement. I take great pride in teaching kids to be competitors with great sportsmanship as well as teaching them lessons they can carry with them for life. I enjoy bringing out their best qualities and watching their eyes light up at recognition of their achievements. Its rewarding to see them get a little better each day and even more rewarding yet to see them recognize it for themselves. Its that improvement that empowers our kids. 

An avid sportsman and native Oregonian, my time outside the office is often spent in the woods. The challenge of bowhunting and the patience required has helped me slow down to appreciate the present moment. Bowhunting is about the whole package- the environment, the emotional roller coaster and the simple appreciation of the experience. I am thankful for my camera to capture memories that instantly takes me right back. As John Muir said, “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”  It is there that I recharge my batteries, teach my kids how to connect with our creator and recognize and appreciate the beauty hiding in plain sight.

We happily embrace new clientele joining our fantastic referral family. The backbone of our business is this referral family, as we work primarily through repeat and referral clients.  We believe in a high level care for our clients which results in our friends coming back to see us again and again as well as sending their friends! We appreciate loyalty and hope that you’ll feel right at home here.

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